The Pyramid Of Light, NY Open Centre Manhattan, 28th Feb

7 February 2013 by   | Back to full list

Why are Pyramids surrounded by such awe, mystery and magic in our modern lives?
Is there something inside us that can recognise the ‘secret’ key?

This lecture hopes to give a greater insight into the symbology of the pyramid and how for millenia, its form and presence has guided the way to those on the eternal quest for enlightenment and universal love. From the Legend of Atlantis, through to the mystery Schools of the Middle Ages and up to the present day, the esoteric key of the pyramid is revealed to be applicable to all seekers of spiritual truth.

The lecture is given by Ollie Charles, an international speaker with the Academy of European Arts and Culture.He has studied mysticism, spirituality and ancient wisdom for the past 20 years.

Seating is Limited. For further details and to reserve a place @ $25, please call: 1-866-312-7922 Ext. 4

Booking is also possible via PayPal –

Located at NY Open Center, 22 East 30th Street, Room 3B, New York, NY 10016


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